European cities – II –


Tatiana, a young, intelligent and brave Spanish girl, arrives in Berlin to study her master’s degree. After her first days of life in the German city, she feels the calling of journalism at a radio. She starts a collaboration.

At this radio station, there is also present an Argentinian girl, Veronica – immediately they become friends and find connections in her personal and professional sides.

It seems that another Spanish girl is looking for a collaboration at a radio – myself-, who is going to become part of that friendship and that radio scene. Together they report about the European life in Berlin from a wide range of angles.

Despite all the cold winter that year, they manage to create a series of radio reportages.

An der Urania, talking with a photographer of the old UEFA´ s actors, Human Rights and Thilo Sarrazin, or even Metropolis, the mythical film, found in the filmothéque of Buenos Aires, are some of the titles they make.

The rest is history.

Berlin, those years.


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