Just the echo of their voices

“Mucha gente usa las redes sociales no para unir, no para ampliar sus horizontes, sino al contrario, para encerrarse en lo que llamo zonas de confort, donde el único sonido que oyen es el eco de su voz, donde lo único que ven son los reflejos de su propia cara”.

 Many people use social networks not to unite, not to broaden their horizons, but rather, to lock in what I call comfort zones, where the only sound you hear is the echo of their voices, where all they see is the reflection of their own face. “
Adaptation of Words by Zygmunt Bauman.

People uses social media to connect with the same kind of thoughts and ideas that they already have. There is no option for a challenge nor a change.
Are the limits of human communication the chance to start a computer-human dialogue?

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