Between Them and You

When The Hans Christian Andersen Research Centre offered me support for studying with them ”HC Andersen as travel writer in Spain”, it was one the most fulfilling experiences of my so-called Danish alter-life. It was a privilege to become a ninja shadow at Jomfrukloster, that summer.

I believe in all the researchers I meet, respect them and hope that I can make clear that Journalism is a bridge between them and you. However two years ago I found that it was hard to get written my “new book” in Denmark as I was not moving myself to work in cultural/intercultural communication. I found that I like to make Things happen, not just to be in my writer mood, sitting by the fire. 

In that sense I am happy to be a volunteer journalist at Brenderup Højskole, the place where intercultural meeting happen everyday, it let me flow on this specialization-and it is nice that I am surrounded by engaged and creative people.

I revised again my cards, knowing by instinct that any game I played had some rules that I ignored. I created my second Facebook account, and I added content at Linkedin. I invented a Wix place. Recently enrolled at Digital Concept Development at EAL, hope that I will be able to describe some of what we learn and work with in general,  as journalist, worker, researcher and student in Fyn Island. Hopefully also here you will see things that you people would never believe, etc. 😛

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