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Just the echo of their voices

“Mucha gente usa las redes sociales no para unir, no para ampliar sus horizontes, sino al contrario, para encerrarse en lo que llamo zonas de confort, donde el único sonido que oyen es el eco de su voz, donde lo único que ven son los reflejos de su propia cara”.

 Many people use social networks not to unite, not to broaden their horizons, but rather, to lock in what I call comfort zones, where the only sound you hear is the echo of their voices, where all they see is the reflection of their own face. “
Adaptation of Words by Zygmunt Bauman.

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Between Them and You

When The Hans Christian Andersen Research Centre offered me support for studying with them ”HC Andersen as travel writer in Spain”, it was one the most fulfilling experiences of my so-called Danish alter-life. It was a privilege to become a ninja shadow at Jomfrukloster, that summer. I believe in all the researchers I meet, respect them and hope that I can make clear that Journalism is a bridge between them and you. However two years ago I found that it was hard to get written my “new book” in Denmark as I was not moving myself to work in cultural/intercultural communication. I found that I like to make Things happen, not just to be in my writer mood, sitting by the fire.  Read the rest of this entry »

Ab ins Kino!

Núremberg es una ciudad que, sobre todo por su historia reciente, ha estado presente en muchas películas. Pero no voy a hablar de ellas aquí. Lo que quiero, y seguro que te interesa, es contarte los planes cinéfilos que podemos hacer en Núremberg, que los hay muy interesantes y muy variados, y proponerte los mejores sitios para tomar algo o cenar después de disfrutar de un buen film.

Ab ins Kino! (¡Vamos al cine!)

Festival Latinoamericano en Copenhague

¿Aprendes español? ¿Viajas a España o Latino América? ¿Echas de menos escuchar tu lengua materna? Copenhague te ofrece respuesta a tus preguntas y te propone un reto. Read the rest of this entry »

Garde magazine

Walking Dark



Thank you very much Jasper Hansen, (UCL), for your wonderful advises and corrections


Picture by Dave Maric, phronesismusic

Let me start with an anecdote that I keep in my mind. In the year of 2012 I was spending the early summer days in North Spain. One day, having breakfast, I was thinking about some work possibilities, like the freelance journalist I was being in that time. My curiosity was focused on the cultural agenda of Copenhagen city for the summer season. Read the rest of this entry »


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